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Summer! Made Easy??

A Great Innovative gadget to enjoy a BBQ-

Grill and Smoke worry-free!!!!

Raw Lamb Chops. Overcooked chicken. The summer is here and weathers are beautiful. Yet cookouts and afternoon barbecues are absolutely tricky and tough for cooks and their friends and families alike, causing to serve raw, dry or rather burnt foods…ugh! Thus, four out of five hosts plan to fire up a grill when summer guests stop by.

Be Aware, your grill cooks much faster than your indoor kitchen oven.

This is because your proteins are placed directly on the heat source.

A digital grill thermometer is the perfect tool to observe the inner temperature of the foods while cooking, grilling, baking or smoking. The Digital Grill Thermometer gives you the freedom to have your proteins cooked in the exact desired perfect taste level of your choice, and is constantly measuring them to avoid overcooked, dry or rather raw foods. The result: A stress free and wonderful grilling, outdoor barbeque experience with your friends and family, over perfectly cooked juicy foods to your exact desired taste preference!

A Few Great Grilling Tips:

Use separate utensils to handle raw and cooked meats, which can cause harmful bacteria to spread. Be careful to wash your utensils in warm, soapy water between uses.

Time flies when you are having fun! Do not leave food out buffet style for multiple hours. While foods typically follow the two hour rule, in hot weather (90 degrees Fahrenheit or above) this time is cut in half to one hour. Keeping the food on ice is a great way to keep them fresh outside.

Always keep children away from grill and hot utensils.

Be aware, to discard the burnt charcoals in a safe place to avoid fire hazards.

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