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Portion Cupcakes

Most of us also have an ice cream scoop in our kitchens, but this tool goes beyond dishing out ice cream. Use it for portioning cupcakes, and you’ll be sure to get the same-size cupcakes — which means they will cook at the same rate.

For instance, if you scoop the cupcakes batter into the tin at varying levels, the lower levels are going to overcook while the larger levels are going to have a raw center if pulled out of the oven at the same time. That won’t happen with an ice cream scoop!

Get a nice full scoop, then scrape it on the side of the bowl to level out the scoop for uniform portions throughout.

A couple other instances when your standard-sized ice cream scoop might come in handy would be for other baked goods, such as large profiteroles or jumbo-sized cookies.

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